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by Sensei Patrick Faoro
Wago Dojo 1996

Sensei Patrick Faoro & Shihan Steven Seagal 
At the set of the movie "The Glimmer Man"
Los Angeles (1996)

Message From the Patrick Faoro Sensei for
Seminar of Corbehem
Paris - 1996


The 7, June 8, and 9 1996, the first International seminar of Aikido in France directed by Shihan Steven SEAGAL, 7th DAN, took place in Lambres-lez-Douai.


At the beginning, the training course was programmed in Saint-Andrew-of-Seignanx (May 3,4,5-1996) but the place as well as the dates had to be modified because a death of the entourage of Shihan Steven SEAGAL.

As of the advertisement this one, much of noises circulated in France. Unfortunately for certain venomous tongues, this training course was quite real and the students could appreciate at Shihan Steven SEAGAL the exceptional teaching of his Aikido and the kindness of the Master. Another training course of Aikido took place after,in Paris which did not have anything comparable with what had been in Lambres-lez-Douai. . .

I make a point of thanking, I hope not to forget people:

My wife who as usual brought her participation to me during several months so that this event can be born.

My children for to have accept and excuse my absences..

My students and the members of my Clubs officers

The city of Lambres-lez-Douai and Corbehem

My American friends and especially Patrick GORMAN

The people from Steven SEAGAL's Office

The participants  of the seminar who I hope have beautiful memories of this seminar.

People of the safety of Paris and the Army like my cousin


And especially Shihan Steven SEAGAL for his kindness   and his confidence which brought to me realize the dream of many practise Martial arts like to have made   known to us Sogyal RINPOCHE.


Sensei Patrick Faoro


After this seminar, Take Sensei sponsored Patrick FAORO Sensei of his student who was most direct, Matsuoka Sensei.

Since 1996 Wago Dojo had seminars with H. Matsuoka Sensei  and Seseiki ABE Sensei (10th dan) in 2000.

Again after this seminar with Abe Sensei,Patrick FAORO Sensei's dojos (Corbehem, Arras, Renault Douai) gathered in only one school, the WAGO DOJO, (Wago means "energy of peace").

After a lot of other things, like a travel in Los Angeles (32 french students) last year (October 2003) seminar with H.Matsuoka Sensei. A real friendship is developed between the Wago Dojo students and Matsuoka Sensei.

 On behalf of the Wago Dojo I would like to thank

Sensei H. Matsuoka

for his kindness and his contribution.


Sensei Patrick Faoro


very special thanks to Sensei Patrick Faoro & His daughter Ms. Laetitia Faoro for informations & photos

suzi-wong 2005